How to change the logo and colors of the website?

Corporate identity is something really important, the logo, its colors, the corporate brand identity.

In this video, we show you how to set up the website that will be your course catalog page. With an example of the name "My Academy", you will take the default design and adapt it to have the logo and colors you need, your corporate identity!

How to change the text and the web banner?

A very important part of a website that offers a product or service is the initial image, a phrase that defines what you offer and also makes it stand out.

In this video we show you how to edit the main phrase and the main cover image (banner). Prepare the phrase, find a good image, upload it and you will be ready to stand out with your course!

How to change web modules?

After the previous steps, the next thing to focus on is which content modules you want to put on the website. We recommend that you start with a banner, a phrase or a call to action button, in addition to the list of courses you offer. Additionally, you may want to show your main clients, the team, the company's description.

You can add a lot of content modules but, we recommend you to start with the banner, main clients, team and description. From there, add more information little by little.

How to create the course card on the web?

Your core product is the courses, their high quality contents, the teaching staff, the method used, the excellent customer service and the associated products such as certificates, or others.

The course card is the page that informs you about the details of the course. A short but attractive title, a short description enough to catch the attention, an interesting and clear long description, the start date, duration or deadline, as well as the estimated weekly effort, prerequisites or target audience.

Don't forget to take care of your card! It will be the gateway to the course. Take care of it and use it to promote the course!

How to publish a course in the web catalog?

If you have arrived at this point, you already have your website  with your company's corporate identity. Also, you have created a course card, but why don't I see it on the web yet?

In this video we show you how to move a course card from "draft" to "published" status. It's important to work on "draft" mode on your course cards, before publishing them.

How to structure a course on the Open edX platform?

In this video you will learn the main steps of creating the table of contents of your course in our platform.

In addition, you will also see step by step how to create sections, subsections and units. You will transform the table of contents into main modules and, from there, you will be able to create and publish your first course!